Anatomy of a Game Music Track: Composing Music for Skyweaver

This photo shows video game composer Winifred Phillips working on the Skyweaver video game (developed by Horizon Games). Winifred Phillips is a BAFTA nominated game composer whose latest project release is Jurassic World Primal Ops. Her credits include games from the franchises Total War, The Sims, Assassin's Creed, and God of War.

Delighted you’re here!  I’m video game composer Winifred Phillips, and welcome to another article exploring the art and craft of game music composition!  If you’re a reader of my previous articles, you’ll know that they usually include discussions of large-scale music systems and best game-wide composition strategies.  Lately, it occurred to me that we might benefit from stepping away from this holistic approach, allowing us to focus on the creation of a single piece of game music.  With that in mind, in this article we’ll be examining the structure and composition of a single track that I composed for the Skyweaver video game.

Illustration of the Skyweaver cast of heroes. The music of Skyweaver was composed by video game composer Winifred Phillips.

Skyweaver is a popular strategy trading-card video game in the tradition of such famous games as Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, and Magic the Gathering Arena.  The game released in 2022, and currently boasts over a quarter of a million players.  Investors in the Skyweaver game include both Take-Two Interactive and Ubisoft.  The game is currently available for PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.  The track we’ll be discussing is entitled “Ready,” and it’s heard frequently during Skyweaver matches.  Before we begin examining the structure of this track, let’s take a moment to discuss the nature of a strategy trading-card game.

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