Game Music Composer Guide to Upcoming VR Events


In a new report released January 5, 2016, the research analysis firm SuperData issued a forecast of the future of Virtual Reality gaming in the coming year.  Among the results: 5.1 billion dollars are predicted to be spent on VR hardware in 2016, and 55.8 million consumers will have adopted some version of a VR platform by year’s end.  The report also predicts that inexpensive VR gaming on mobile devices will prove the most popular in the short-term, dominating the market in 2016. The report also suggests that small indie studios may benefit by jumping into VR development early (since the top publishers are proving to be a bit more reticent). These are awesome times to be in the video game industry, and there will certainly be lots to learn as we go boldly into the world of VR.  In this blog, I’ve collected information about upcoming video game conferences – some that are already famous and some that are brand new.  These events might help us to learn more about our role in the creation of VR music and audio.

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GameSoundCon 2013


I’ve just come back from a fantastic experience at GameSoundCon, the premiere conference on game music and sound design. It was great to see so many old friends and new faces, and I really enjoyed the conference’s expansion into the LA Convention Center. I’m usually there every year for E3, which is always a mind-blowing spectacle, so revisiting the place when it’s less hectic was a welcome change of pace.

Speaking at GameSoundCon 2013

Speaking at GameSoundCon 2013

This was my first time speaking at a GameSoundCon event, and the audience was very welcoming. My session, From LittleBigPlanet to Assassin’s Creed Liberation: Adventures in Melodic Composition, took place on the second day of the conference, during the Game Audio Pro track for experienced game industry folks. It was a pleasure to share some tips and techniques, and I really appreciated the warm reception I received. Special thanks to those of you who came up to me afterwards and talked to me about your own experiences. It was wonderful meeting you!

A portion of the audience for my presentation at GameSoundCon

A portion of the audience for my presentation at GameSoundCon

As an added bonus, the GameSoundCon event took place immediately preceding GDC Next, and they were both located in the LA Convention Center, so I was able to attend both events. The expo floor for GDC Next was especially enjoyable, since it included booths for a lot of smaller mobile and app developers that can sometimes be overshadowed at larger shows like GDC.


Also, I had the opportunity to attend a GDC Next presentation by the Writers Guild of America award-winning co-writer of Assassin’s Creed Liberation, Jill Murray. Her presentation focused on how to incorporate compelling female protagonists into all sorts of intriguing game concepts. She did a fantastic job, and it was great seeing her there!

Jill Murray