Classic Game Music for Halloween – Creeping Chills

Halloween stealthily approaches like a creature of the night, creeping through the shadows of our innocent October days… so let’s party! This is my second blog about music from classic games that can put us into the Halloween spirit, and this week I’m focusing on tracks that set an apprehensive mood. Through dark waves of sound, heavy chords and swirling sound design, these tracks from classic video games can create a perfectly appropriate atmosphere for your favorite haunted house.


Nightmare Creatures (1997)

This survival horror game pitted an American doctor against the forces of Hell in 19th century London. The track below features a deranged, ungodly whispering set against deep waves of tonal horror.

Aliens Versus Predator (1999)

While this may be categorized as a sci-fi shooter, it features a horror-infused score that’s perfect for putting your Halloween guests on edge. They’ll hear clusters of despairing human voices, unsettling swells, metal objects that alternate between deep moans and huge impacts of doom, all punctuated by large “gotcha!” moments.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica (2000)

As the fourth game in the Resident Evil series, this game had players fighting mutated monsters on a prison island, all set to grim music such as the track below. At times this track may make you think of John Carpenter’s theme to the movie Halloween, while other moments take on a bit of gothic grandeur with the introduction of a cathedral organ.

Wild Arms 3 (2002)

This adventurous roleplaying game isn’t a particularly horrific experience, but it does have its moments, especially when a deceptively attractive demon of dreams is moving forward in her plan to destroy the world. The track below creates its unsettling atmosphere with a combination of pretty bells and dissonant clusters.